About Godrik

Amisha Singh Dyma

Founder of Godrik, Parapsychologist Amisha was born to a family that holds deep roots into Tantra. Sadhika who belongs from the Kularnav Tantra of Kamakhya. From her early childhood, she manifested her powers with toil and discipline.

Guru Devi to many, she is renowned for removing the afflictions of more than 50,000 people globally with her wisdom and power.

With the belief "God lies within everyone,  you can become it if you wake upto it." She has transformed many lives for good and woke people to their highest potential.

With vast knowledge in Maha Shri Vidhya, Tantra, Daemonolatry and Djinns. She channels the energies from their world and transmute it into healing the ones who comes to her seeking help.

Guru Devi Amisha is on a mission to enlighten people with the sacred knowledge of divine entities and eliminate the fear that comes with them. "Everyone is afraid of what is unknown to them".

She is busting myths of the left hand path and brings light to the darkness. "If Vedas are our father, Tantra is our mother. And I am here to bring her name the respect she deserves among this World."

She masters in Indian as well as Western Occult including Samyachar, Kulachar, Shabar and Aghora Tantra.

In western modalities, she professionalise in Daemonolatry and Djinn Rituals, Conjure Magick, Rootworking, African Vodou, Egyptian Spellcasting and Vampyrism.